How Do I Map Data From Google BigQuery?

You can map data from Google BigQuery using data mapping software.

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to download Google BigQuery data into an Excel file and map it with Maptitude.

Download the ODBC driver

  1. Download the latest version of the ODBC for your version of Excel via the following link:
  2. Run the installer for the ODBC driver.

Configure the ODBC driver

  1. Run the ODBC Data Sources Administrator program.
  2. Go to the User DSN
  3. Click the Add
  4. Select the Simba ODBC driver for Google BigQuery and click Finish.
  5. Set a Data source name (DSN) such as “BigQuery”, “BigQuery64”, or “BigQuery32”.

Authenticate the ODBC driver

  1. Choose User authentication in the OAuth mechanism drop down.
  2. Click the Sign in
  3. Click the Allow
  4. Copy the authorization code and paste it into the Confirmation code text box.
  5. Click the Refresh token text box.
  6. Choose the Google Cloud project ID in the Catalog (project) drop down.
  7. Click OK.

Add the table to a map

  1. Open Maptitude and choose Open a file.
    If you already have a map open, go to Map>Layers>Add Layer.
  2. Change the filetype to ODBC table and a dialog box will appear:
    How Do I Map Data from Google BigQuery?
    Open ODBC Table options
  3. Choose the data source name you specified from the Source drop down.
  4. Select a table and a field that uniquely identifies each record in the table.
  5. Check Open as Layer and select the Longitude and Latitude fields in your table.
  6. Click OK and the Google BigQuery data will be shown on the map.
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