How to Download and Install Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013?

To download and install Microsoft Streets & Trips you need to download and install it from a website such as CNET. This downloads ST_2010.exe. You will be prompted to run the installer, which you should only do if you trust the file. Once downloaded, you can transfer your files to a modern application, such as Maptitude mapping software.

Next the install files are extracted:

The installer then prompts you to click Next:

You are then prompted to enter your name:

You are then prompted for the installation folder:

You are then prompted to make optional Microsoft system changes:

And finally, you are prompted to install the software:

You will then see setup progress:

And if successful you will see the Finish screen:

You can now run the software from the start menu:

Please note that Microsoft Streets & Trips is a discontinued program and is effectively no longer available for purchase or download. Therefore, in most cases it is not possible to install Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 on a computer. You may be able to find older versions of the program for sale or download and install it from third-party websites, but these versions may not be compatible with newer operating systems and hardware, and they may not be reliable or safe to use. It is generally not recommended to download or install software from unofficial sources. Instead, you may want to consider using one of the many other mapping and navigation programs that are available such as Maptitude mapping software. These programs may provide similar functionality to Microsoft Streets and Trips, and they may be more up-to-date and compatible with modern systems.

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