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Mapping Software and GIS Glossary


What is Geo Mapping?

Geo mapping is the analysis of tabular data that is geographic in nature. Software is used to create an intuitive and revealing map visualization. Geo-maps communicate information about space and location in a very efficient way. They reduce volumes of data to a single, clear visual presentation. For example, a weather map lets you instantly know if it will be cloudy or sunny, warm or cold, or whether it will rain or snow. Traffic maps immediately tell you what routes avoid an accident or construction. In politics, history, advertising, and recreation, geo maps are a part of our everyday lives because they make data easy to understand.

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Free geo mapping software data

Maptitude includes free geo mapping software data including census demographic data.

What is geomapping software

Find patterns in your data with Maptitude geomapping software.

Map showing market share for store and competitors created with geo mapping tools

Use geo mapping tools to visualize the market share of competing businesses.

Geo maps show spatial patterns such as where sales are higher

Map your Excel data and visualize spatial patterns with geo maps.

Best geo mapping software

Maptitude is the best geo mapping software for drive-time analysis.

Map showing cumulative population buffers created with geomapping tools

Use geomapping tools to study the population around a location.

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How do you create a geo map?

There are many ways to create a geo map, depending on your needs and the geo mapping tools you have available. Here are some options:

Top 3 Ways to Create a Geo Map

  1. If you have a spreadsheet with geographic data (such as a list of cities and their latitude and longitude coordinates), you can use a mapping software like Maptitude or spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create a basic geomap. You can use the "Map" chart type to plot the data as points on a map, or you can use the "Filled Map" chart type to create a heat map showing variations in the data.
  2. If you have geographic data in a more advanced format, such as a shapefile or geojson file, you can use a geographic information system (GIS) software like QGIS or Maptitude to create a more detailed geomap. These programs allow you to import and manipulate geographic data, style the map with different symbols and colors, and add additional layers of data.
  3. If you want to create a geomap for the web, there are several options available. You can use a library like Leaflet or Google Maps to create an interactive map that can be embedded in a website. You can also use online mapping platforms like Maptitude Online, Mapbox, or Esri ArcGIS Online to create custom geomaps and share them with others.

In general, creating a geomap requires some understanding of geographic data and how to work with it. If you are new to this topic, you may want to start by learning more about geographic data formats and GIS concepts before diving into a specific tool or platform.

How do you use geo maps?

Geo maps are used for a wide range of purposes, including visualizing and analyzing geographic data, displaying location information, and creating interactive maps for websites and applications. Here are some examples of how geomaps can be used:

Top 3 Ways Geo Maps are Used

  1. Visualizing data: Geomaps can be used to display data that is related to specific geographic locations. For example, you might create a map that shows the population density of different regions, or the distribution of a particular species. By using different colors or symbols to represent different data values, you can quickly see patterns and trends in the data.
  2. Displaying location information: Geomaps can be used to show the location of specific points of interest, such as restaurants, stores, or tourist attractions. You can also use geomaps to show the location of events, such as concerts or festivals.
  3. Creating interactive maps: Geomaps can be used to create interactive maps for websites and applications. For example, you might create a map that allows users to browse different locations, view information about specific points of interest, or get directions between two points. You can also use geomaps to create custom overlays, such as weather overlays or traffic overlays, to provide additional context and information to users.

Overall, geomaps are a powerful tool for displaying and analyzing geographic data, and they can be used in a variety of contexts to help people better understand and interact with the world around them.

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Interactive geo map with a heat map and drive-time rings: Try it now!

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Geo Mapping Software

Maptitude geo mapping software provides the tools, maps, and demographic data you need, with commands and special functions that let you tie in the data you use every day in your work. The MapWizard automatic mapping tools create brilliant and informative maps with a single mouse click. Even more importantly, Maptitude provides ways for you to use the maps you create to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your organization.

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