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How do I create a demographic map?

To quickly create a demographic map you can use the Demographic Map Librarian. Maptitude ships with a library of economic, social, housing, and demographic maps that you can choose from.

The following steps describe how to open and synchronize two county demographic maps:

  1. From the Home Window, choose New demographic map. Click OK.
  2. Choose a map category from the first scroll list. For example, choose County Demographic & Social Profile. The second scroll list updates to show the available maps for the category you chose.
  3. Choose one or more of the maps. For example, click on Population and Ctrl-click on Population - Per Square Mile to open those two demographic maps.
  4. Finally, choose the location you want to see. Choose Other Location... from the third scroll list and click OK.
  5. Choose U.S. State from the scroll list, enter the two letter abbreviation for your home state in the edit box, and click OK.
  6. Choose Window>Tile Vertically or Window>Tile Horizontally to see the two maps side by side.
  7. Choose Map>Synchronize and click OK to synchronize the two maps.
  8. Click  on the Tools toolbar and click and drag on one of the maps to recenter it. Both maps update to the new location.
  9. Choose File>Close Workspace to close the workspace.