How do I download and customize the free AADT Traffic Volume layer for Maptitude?

The AADT traffic volume layer is accessible as a free download for users with the latest version of Maptitude. In this tech tip, we describe how to install the layer and add it to a map.

Please note: The AADT data is for the visualization of traffic counts, and is not used with the routing tools. The routing tools in Maptitude already use historical traffic conditions (calculated using billions of anonymous measurements from cell phones and vehicle sensors) to determine the speeds used when creating directions, travel times, and travel distances.
The following steps outline how to download and install the free AADT layer for Maptitude:
  1. Download the data from the Caliper Store. NOTE, you must have the latest version of Maptitude in order to download the layers.
  2. Once the files are downloaded, click OK, and then click the Install button. Follow the prompts to install the layer.
  3. To add the AADT layer to a Maptitude map, open the map, click  on the Standard toolbar, and click Add Layer in the Layers dialog box.
  4. Browse for the folder where the downloaded data are located (e.g., c:\ccdata\USA 2019 Traffic Count Layer\). Choose the data layer and click Open in the File Open dialog box. Maptitude adds the Average Daily Traffic layer to the map.
  5. Optionally, you may want to hide the streets and/or highway layers. Close the layers dialog box to see the layers on the map.
The AADT layer comes with a default size theme suitable for nationwide mapping. However, you can create a new size theme that better displays traffic counts for a zoomed-in area.
  1. Use the Find  or Zoom  /  tools to display your area of interest on the map.
  2. Click  next to the Highway/Freeway and/or Street layer to hide them on the map.
  3. Make Average Daily Traffic the working layer
  4. Choose Map-Thematic Mapping-Size or click  on the Standard Toolbar to open the Size Theme dialog box and click Remove.
  5. Choose Map-Thematic Mapping-Size or click  on the Standard Toolbar to open the Size Theme dialog box again.
  6. Choose AADT from the scroll list and click Apply. This will reapply the size theme, but it will be calibrated to the data range of the current visible window.
  7. If you would like to make the maximum width larger, change the value in the High Value Size edit box and click Apply again. (e.g., Change it from 8 to 16 to make the lines twice as wide.)
  8. Click OK when you are done adjusting the sizes.
  9. If the labels are not visible, right-click on the Average Daily Traffic layer in the Display Manager and choose Show Labels.
  10. If you would like to modify the labels, click  next to the Average Daily Traffic layer to open the Labels dialog box.
  11. You can change the position, font, size, and style of the traffic count labels on the Labels tab. You can change the background to a frame, shadow, or different halo on the Background tab. Click OK when you are done.
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