How do I use a USB GPS device connected to a Surface tablet with Maptitude?

The following steps outline how to use a USB GPS device with Maptitude:

1. Connect the GPS to the computer.
2. Verify the GPS device connection port using Windows Device Manager.
3. Verify the GPS device output port using an application such as Franson GPS Gate (unaffiliated with Caliper Corporation).
4. Open Maptitude and open or create a map.
5. Choose Tools>Routing & Directions>GPS>Read GPS Data.
6. Choose GPS Device on the Settings tab of the GPS Setup dialog box.
7. Click the Options tab and choose the port and other settings.
8. Click OK. The GPS toolbox should open on your screen and begin to show information from your GPS device. This may take several minutes to get a proper signal.

Note: The GPS information can be shown directly on the screen for immediate reference or saved to a file for future use. It can also be used to collect positions for a geographic file.

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