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How do I import an Excel file into Google Maps?

You may have an Excel file that you want to display in Google My Maps. You can use Maptitude to open your files and convert them into a format that Google My Maps can easily read. This article will explain how you can convert these files.

How to Create a Google Map with Excel Data

Analysts often want to be able to see their Excel sheets on a Google Map or to share their data via Google Maps or Google Earth. Maptitude has tools that make it easy to export mapping results to the Google Maps file formats. Maptitude supports both the import and export of KML and KMZ file types. This allows you to also map data that others have created.

1. Locate your data in Maptitude. You can do this by following the steps here:

2. Make sure your new layer is the working layer
3. Export to Google My Maps using File>Export>Geography, making sure to choose either “KML (Google Earth Document)” or “KMZ (Google Earth Compressed Document)” and click OK.

Alternatively, you can turn on Google Maps backgrounds as image layers and use those instead. For more on those tools, see:


How to Create a Google Map with Excel Data in Maptitude

Plot Addresses on Google Maps from Excel

Geocoding allows you to plot addresses on a map. Maptitude allows you to place unlimited numbers of records on a map and to share those locations as Google Maps/Google Earth KML or KMZ files. The above steps show you how to do this.

Plot Addresses on Google Maps from Excel with Maptitude