The Vehicle Routing Add-In allows you to find optimized routes for several vehicles needing to reach many destinations in fixed time windows. This tool assumes you have two layers of locations; a layer of destinations, stops, or customers and a layer of depots from which the vehicles will depart.

Some typical use cases for the Vehicle Routing Add-In would be:

  • Many deliveries or pickups need to be made over the course of a day using more than one vehicle.
  • There are time restrictions on when deliveries can be made to some, or all, of the stores. For example, one store might require that goods be delivered between 5:00AM and 7:00AM before the store opens at 8:00AM. This type of restriction is known as a time window.
  • There is a time restriction on total route length, or route duration. For example, when delivering take-out food, it may be desirable that the full route length is not more than an hour.
  • There are backhaul stops. For example, vehicles may need to pick up empty containers at the end of their delivery trip. Backhaul stops can only be visited after all delivery stops are visited in a route.

Formatting for the spreadsheet of destinations, stops, or customers might look like the following:

Sample of destination data

Formatting for the spreadsheet of depots might look like the following:

Sample of depot data

To install:*

  1. Download the file vehiclerouting-addin.exe.
  2. Double click the executable to launch the installation.
  3. Confirm that you’d like to allow the installer to make changes to your PC and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  4. Once installed, the add-in can be launched by opening a Maptitude map and choosing Tools>GIS Developers Kit>Add-ins>Vehicle Routing.

*NOTE: The Vehicle Routing add-in works only with Maptitude 2019 or later.

See the Vehicle Routing Add-In documentation for information on using the data.

Vehicle routing with Maptitude