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Maptitude Mapping Software

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Direct Mail Address ZIP Code Maps and Routes

Whether you are looking to perform a direct mail campaign, identify addresses in a ZIP Code or sales territory, or route to all addresses in an area, Maptitude meets your needs for only US$695 annually.

Maptitude includes 3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Code boundaries, as well as ZIP Code points. You can easily identify all the postal areas in your market or delivery areas. And you can identify all the businesses by NAICS code in your chosen ZIP Codes, identify individual business along with address and phone number, and get demographics and residential address points.

Direct mail ZIP Code maps

Accurate ZIP Code boundaries for creating direct mail maps

Direct mail address maps of point address locations

Over 48 million address points in 22 states for precise direct mail address maps and routes

Direct mail mapping zip code demographics

Maptitude ZIP Codes include demographic data for targeted direct mail maps


Map addresses and create efficient routes to service them

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Matt Ardoin“We are able to do things with Maptitude that we had not dreamed of doing before (using MapPoint and Territory Mapper). For example, it has been extremely valuable to show our customers the density of their territory by ZIP Code.”

Matt Ardoin
Operations Manager, Great Direct Concepts

“[Maptitude] enables you to see all kinds of relationships that may not have been clear before: Maybe your product sells three times better in ZIP codes where the median age is under 35 than in areas where it is over 45.”

The Los Angeles Times

Case Study:

CKE Restaurants Google Underwater Mail Delivery in New York’s Financial District
Google search feature highlights errors in Google map data

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